Where The Fun Grows

15th February 2017

In collaboration with the 151 Property design team, the Magic Garden at Waverly gardens Shopping centre is a fresh addition to the food court precinct.

Taking full advantage of the space, Play on! have created an area that evokes happiness and promotes a collaborative playtime for children aged  1-5, an age group where active exploration and peer interaction is becoming key to development.

While catering to the children, the area also accommodates parental supervision with a large amount of seating provided, helping to create a social community within the centre.

In research undertaken by Innovative Retail in relation to Shopping centre play areas, a core theme emerged that noticed the play facilities in centres play a considerable role in forming ritual behaviour.
Play On! have built upon this theme to deliver inclusive areas that both foster parent/child bonding and craft a social atmosphere for parents. 


Westfield Burwood: A platform a head of the rest

15th December 2016

The combination of traditional kiddie rides and contemporary digital tables, together, create a new realm of Shopping centre play.
The strategically placed platform here in Westfield Burwood, allows for a clearly identifiable and purposed area, that is a kids haven of fun.

Our design team have created an area that both targets our young audience and flows with the centres aesthetic.

As we move in to an online era, centres must compete by enhancing their shopping experience, and what better way than to start with our young, future shoppers.




Getting Digital with it!

7th November 2016

As part of 151 Property’s redevelopment of the Top Ryde Shopping Centre, Play On were engaged to breathe some much needed life into the parents room outside of the newly refurbished Coles store.

At the heart of the elegant new parents room, is a custom built Nunoerin digital Ucreate table.

The digital panels at the core of this interactive table are loaded with engaging and collaborative games that inspire creativity and self-expression,

while also encouraging analytical thinking and spatial problem solving.

This new age space Play On have created at Top Ryde, is the perfect combination of digital and social play, blurring the lines between learning and fun.


By using this technology we are moving the Shopping Centre Play experience into a new era!



Clever designs at Play On!

1st September 2016

Play On! continue to lead the world in the development and design of functional, safe and aesthetically exciting playground systems for shopping malls.

Drawing from a vast array of inspirations, our design team have executed hundreds of projects for leading mall owners – each with a unique character and style, and design to fit into even the most challenging retail environments.

Contact us today with your next playground project.

Playtime - Simon2Playtime - Simon2


Westfield Miranda Riding High

1st June 2016

The latest in Ride zone was unveiled at Westfield Miranda recently.


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