Playtime is the global supplier of unique, interactive indoor, outdoor and water play areas and playground equipment.



Unique Designs

Playtime play areas offer customised designs to fit any sized play space and budget. Choose from a variety of existing themes, or create your own to suit your centre. See our Gallery below for some inspiration.

Create Your Community

Playtime play areas will attract and retain families – providing an important destination point for regular shoppers, and providing valuable time for parents to relax whilst kids play and enjoy the experience in your centre.

Extend Their Creativity

Playtime play areas are designed as ‘non-prescriptive’ play experiences. We let children use their imaginations, whilst incorporating all major play activities of jumping, running, climbing and sliding.

Quality & Durability

Each play element is manufactured by hand and finished by technicians that are masters of their trade. Uniquely fabricated to withstand the demands of even the busiest shopping mall, Playtime products are built to last.


Pick & Play featuring Toonies is the latest creation from the imaginative designers, sculptors, and painters at PLAYTIME. Pick & Play makes it simple to find a play area that is right for you. Enter your details to download the catalogue now.

We partner with the world’s leading designers and manufacturers to provide innovative solutions for clients requiring unique, high quality commercial playgrounds.

Destinations for Fun

Make a statement and capture the imagination of your customers with slides that are custom designed to fit within your shopping centre.

Creative Play Solutions

Let your imagination run wild with playgrounds that break the mould of the traditional 'post and platform' product.

Rope Climbing Structures

Our design team can create a unique climbing structure to suit your retail environment and cater for all ages.

Art as Play

Play On! brings both art and play together with an amazing range of climbing solutions suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Let us work with you to create the latest in sculptural play for your centre.

Entertain, inspire, build confidence and create a truly unique experience for families with a range of climbing structures.

Custom Design

Each luckey climber is designed specifically for the space it occupies. Blending in with surrounding, or standing out to have a dramatic impact.


Attention to detail throughout design and construction - Luckey Climbers are works of extraordinary brilliance.


With minimal fall heights, each climber has been designed to offer excitement and challenges.

Light Up Your Day

Create a dramatic scene and engage parents and children like never before with light, sound and mystery.

We are passionate about aligning our entertainment offerings to fit with your objectives of creating highly desirable retail destinations by integrating food, fashion, leisure and entertainment and using digital technology to better connect retailers with consumers.


NunoErin products offer mesmerising multi-sensory experiences that awaken the human desire to touch, play and explore.


Experience our range of interactive, digital educational and entertaining games accessed via the highest quality touch screen technology available.

Sound & Touch

Stimulating the sensors, and offering a rich play experience; Play On! play areas will delight and entertain.

Furniture for Fun

Practical furniture pieces that will stimulate the senses and redefine the exploration of light and colour.

Play On! play areas promote fun, exercise and healthy happy kids. We provide countless activities for children in a safe and healthy environment.


Playtime uses its “PlaySoft” process that coats the foam-sculpted products with an extremely durable, rubberlike substance. The smooth finish materials are naturally antibacterial, ensuring a safe and healthy play experience.


All of our play solutions/playgrounds are fully compliant to the relevant Australian Safety Standards and are certified by an accredited 3rd party safety auditor.

Safety Surfacing

A critical element to providing a safe play environment is installing high quality, impact absorbing surfacing beneath the play elements.


Playtime’s coatings have been tested to actually kill bacteria and reduce fungi that come into contact with them. That’s good news for shopping centres looking to offer a clean & healthy play environment for families.


This 13-page report answers the question "What is the impact of play facilities on families and the wider retail environment?" and details the main benefits play facilities provide venue owners.



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